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Book Helena

Oriental belly dance is unique, glamorous and elegant. Add a special touch to your event with a performance from award-winning dance artist Helena. Book Helena

A breathtaking performance of grace and elegance

Learn belly dance

From sassy Cairo street dance to elegant veil dance - belly dance is a captivating dance style and fab low impact form of exercise! Learn how to belly dance

The highlight of my week! I find your enthusiasm and your talent really inspiring!

Book a dance show

Orientale Dance Company perform authentically styled, beautiful shows that move beyond the harem girl stereotypes. Book a dance show

AWESOME! Everyone loved it - been hearing lots and lots of praise


In Egypt a belly dancer is an essential part of wedding celebrations - the ultimate symbol of joyful celebration! Can include traditional Arabic "zeffa" bridal procession. Book a wedding performance

How do I thank you enough...? We were blown away. You added the most fabulous touch to the best day of our lives!

Hen parties & Mehendi

The perfect start to your hen night - kick off your heels, grab a hip scarf and learn some fabulous dance moves! Book a hen party dance taster

From dressing up in hip scarves and veils to shimmying in a final dance sequence, we all just loved it!

Beside the fire, as the wood burns black / A laughing dancer in veils of light / Whose dance transforms the darkness to gold
Abu Abd Allah ben Abi-l-Khisal

Belly Dance Performance

Book belly dance performances from award-winning dancer Helena. Bring a taste of the Orient to your event!

Orientale Dance Company

An award-winning troupe of highly trained dancers for larger events, weddings and festivals.

Belly Dance Classes in Leeds

This fun dance style is also a fab way to boost your fitness! Classes in the Leeds and Morley areas.

Tasters and Workshops

From primary and secondary school workshops in Egyptian folkloric dance to belly dance hen parties!